Πέμπτη, 14 Ιανουαρίου 2010

Ο αδερφός του elliott smith-Please Kid, Remember (2009)

the last time you may have heard from andrew morgan was way back in 2004. broken horse released his debut album 'misadventures in radiology' which had been recorded in part with free studio time donated by elliott smith in his los angeles new monkey studio. 'misadventures in radiology' was recorded with a host of musicians including, most notably, former built to spill cellist john mcmahon. in an effort to channel the spirit behind miles davis' 'kind of blue', hundreds of song takes were improvised, with the most inspired renditions being selected for development. recording halted when morgan lost his hearing for six weeks after nearly being killed when a tornado struck the apartment he was staying in. upon its eventual completion and subsequent release the album picked up great reviews on both sides of the atlantic and even made it into uncut's albums of the year list. 'please kid, remember' picks up where dreaming debut 'misadventures in radiology' leaves off. the second installment in the kansas city-born songwriter's 'exile trilogy,' andrew morgan evokes cornerstone chamber pop albums like the zombies' 'odessey and oracle' and badly drawn boy's 'the hour of the bewilderbeast', yet bears a scope of arrangement and diversity of instrumentation all its own. compared to it's predecessor, 'please kid, remember' is shorter, faster, and poppier. waltzes still predominate, but are brisk and stately rather than swooning and syncopated. with the exception of one track, 'misadventures in radiology' utilizes exclusively acoustic instruments: 12-string acoustic guitar, upright bass, grand piano, harpsichord, strings, sleighbells, french horn, harp, timpani, glockenspiel, and elliott smith's beloved harmonium.

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